Juno’s Journey

Every day across America hundreds of animals are euthanized.  Juno could have been one of those statistics if not for the loving people who care about animals at the Alachua County Humane Society.

 Juno’s Journey starts a few weeks prior to this photo, when she was captured by animal control wandering the streets of Gainesville, FL.  No collar, no leash, just pregnant and alone looking like she had not eaten in a while.



Juno sweet temperament was quickly recognized.  After hearing about her from some of the staff at animal control, Juno was taken off the euthanasia list and picked by a staff member from the Humane Society.  She was immediately taken to a vet so that the health of the puppies she was caring could be determined.  Juno was in good health and due to have 8-9 puppies any day now.

She was so little to be caring that many puppies.



Juno would spend the next 6 weeks as a foster.  Fosters are animals that need special attention and are not ready for adoption just yet.  So people like you or I volunteer to bring these special animals into our home and take care of them for a while until they are ready for adoption.

Because Juno was pregnant she needed to be fostered by a staff member in case there were any complications during birth.

A week after arriving at the Humane Society, Juno gave birth.  She had 9 healthy puppies.
Juno was a great mom.  She was very attentive to her little ones but still jumped up and wagged her tail when you walked in the room.  She loved people.  Even if all she got was a pat on the head, she was content.


The puppies were so darn cute!  In just a few short weeks they went from having their eyes closed and feeling there way around to being very mobile, very alert and very talkative!

Juno’s pups went up for adoption in April.  Because they were puppies they were adopted quickly. Below is the picture of all 9 of them getting into trouble in the studio. 

I have owned a few dogs in my life.  After getting Jeter at age 1, I am actually happy to say, “I’d rather adopt a dog than a puppy.”  Jeter has his issues, but he came to us a house broken and a non-chewing on everything dog.  And I can say it was great.  So if you are considering adding an addition to your family, look to the Humane Society first!  And never rule out the dogs outside the puppy room, you may be surprised what you find.